BCCQM Column Caps

A BCCQM Column cap connects wood beams to concrete. It is fabricated from 7 ga or 3 ga steel formed into a “U” shape and has (2) stab bolts welded to the bottom for concrete ocnnection.

Finish: Gray primer, hot dipped galvanized, bare, or alternate finish. Please specify when ordering.

BCCQM column cap
BCCQM 3.25113.257
BCCQM 4113.637
BCCQM 4.62114.637
BCCQM 5.25115.257
BCCQM 6115.57
BCCQM 7116.887
BCCQM 7.125117.127
BCCQM 8117.57
BCCQM 9118.887
BCCQM 10119.57