Custom Design &

Our team has extensive experience fabricating custom parts ranging from small brackets, to large structural steel assemblies.

Please submit a drawing, including all known critical dimensions and any other pertinent details for review.

If you do not have a drawing, We use the latest version of Dassault SolidWorks for 3D design / CAD drawings. We’ll work together to make your design come to life.

Please note: we do not have onsite
engineering capabilities, so if your project
requires load testing or other
engineering expertise, please consult with
an engineer for such services.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities


Max Thickness= 1/2” x 10’

Press Brake Metal Forming

Max Tonnage= 95
Max Length= 10’
*Max length we are able to form varies with thickness.

Punch Presses

Max= 200 Ton

Iron Workers

Max= 110 Ton


All welders are WABO Certified


Max saw Rect (HxW) = 13” x 18″
Max saw Round = 13”

CNC Turret Punch

Max Length = 47”
Max Width = 57”


2 Vertical Milling Machines
1 Horizontal Lathe
1 Radial Drill Press

Up to 1-1/2” Hole

1 Rockford Hydraulic Planer