BCC Column Cap

A BCC Column cap connects wood beams to wood posts. It is fabricated from 3/16” or 1/4” steel formed into a “U” shape and has (2) 2.5” x 8.5” straps welded on to the bottom to connect a post. The cap is finished with shop primer. (This also comes in an end version where the straps are positioned flush to one end of the cap.)

BCC Column cap
BCC 3.253.2511.7
BCC 443.633.636.5
BCC 4x3.635.511.9
BCC 4.624.6312.61
BCC 5.255.2522.6
BCC 6x5.5013
BCC 7x6.8824
BCC 7.1257.1224.4
BCC 8x7.524.8
BCC 9x8.7525.9
BCC 10x9.526.6