A BCB Column base connects a wood post to a concrete pad. It is fabricated from 3/16” (7 GA) or 1/4” (3 GA) steel that is formed into a “u” shape. The base plate is welded to the straps of the “u”. The bottom of the “u” is embedded into concrete and there are (2) 5/8” or 3/4” bolt holes in the vertical straps to connect the post. The column base is finished in gray primer, or an alternative finish such as hot dipped galvanized, or powder coated.

BCB Column base
BCB 443.5633.563
BCB 463.5635.5
BCB 483.5637.5
BCB 645.5633.5
BCB 665.5635.5
BCB 685.5637.5
BCB 6105.5639.5
BCB 6125.56311.5
BCB 7.125-47.1253.5
BCB 7.125-67.1255.5
BCB 7.125-77.1257.25
BCB 867.5635.5
BCB 887.5637.5
BCB 8107.5639.5
BCB 8127.56311.5
BCB 10109.5639.5
BCB 10129.56311.5
BCB 121211.56311.5