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Bowman-Morton is a Pacific Northwest Company founded in 1991

Bowman-Morton Mfg & Machine Inc. is the Northwest's most experienced manufacturer of custom Building Connectors. Our crew has decades of experience in the fabrication of the most complex brackets. Using our specialized equipment and our flexible production schedule, we can build the hardware you require and deliver on your schedule.

We provide commercial brackets built to industry standards, commonly used residential brackets, and design and build custom steel items. Please contact Bowman-Morton by phone, fax or email and let us help you with your building and construction hardware requirements.

Printable PDF files are available below:

sample of spec / load sheet

Typical Column Cap construction

Column Caps are fabricated from 3/16 or 1/4 inch steel plate formed into a channel shapes to support a wood beams. Two steel straps are welded to the underside of the channel. Connection for wood beams and columns are by a high strength nut and bolt combination or high strength self drilling screws.

sample of small brackets, connectors and hangers

Product Evaluation and Compliance Report - Glulam and Column Brackets

An outside evaluation report, dated 5/20/2012, has been issued for select Bowman-Morton products. The report evaluation covers scope, criteria, uses, general description and detailed product information including material, measurements and load factors.

> Click here to view evaluation report

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